Development Project of Eesti Energia’s Organizational Culture for Developing and Implementing Values

When the market opened, Eesti Energia faced new choices and was in need of upgrading the company’s strategy and values.  We helped them to develop new values which corresponded to the new circumstances.


To develop new contemporary values meeting the new circumstances throughout the group level by enhancing cooperation between different subsidiaries and entities, increasing employee entrepreneurship and promoting the creation of an innovative culture.

What did we do

In collaboration with the customer, we planned a two-year program for the development and deployment of values. First, we conducted 12 employee focus groups to map the current situation, then value creation seminars with the management group, followed by a dialogue forum for 250 executive employees to increase their involvement. Together with the customer we then developed a dialogue map of values for the group’s 7,000 employees. We trained value ambassadors who had discussions with all the employees in the group within three months using the dialogue map. Following the project, we continued cooperation to integrate values into the HR strategy and the business processes in general. We developed a group-wide system for assessing and developing competencies and supported managers in the integration of values.


  • Cost-effective and efficient communication of values to 7,000 employees by using the dialogue map. It launched a dialogue of values across the organization and achieved a high commitment to new values.
  • Active involvement of 250 executive employees and value ambassadors in to the development of values
  • Businesses of Eesti Energia are more united and they “speak the same language”
  • PARE selected the project as one of the TOP 3 projects of the year


Eesti Energia’s management chose this project into the TOP 3 of the most important and influential activities of 2013.